"Wisdom in Innovation"
18 – 21 September 2017


  1. The Living Earth
    Earth Science and innovation wisdom for Creating New Eco-Smart Cities and Communities.
  2. Sustainable Global Business
    Sustainable global business B Corporations Investing & Ethical Finance
  3. Our Innovative World Youth
    Celebrate the brilliance that is flowing forth from our Innovative World Youth. They have an amazing amount of energy to share, and will definitely get your creative intelligence flowing.
  4. Collaborative Eco-Smart Communities
    International Peace Day Designing and Building Collaborative Eco-Smart Communities and Cities.


  1. James McMath
    James McMath
    Pristina Water
  2. Professor Gerald Pollack
    Professor Gerald Pollack
    University of Washington
  3. Maddie Sarre
    Maddie Sarre
    Australian Youth Climate Coalition
  4. Dr Allan O'Connor
    Dr Allan O'Connor
    University of Adelaide
  5. Hiro Emoto
    Hiro Emoto
    Emoto Peace Project
  6. Julian O'Shea
    Julian O'Shea
    Laika Academy
  7. Michiko Hayashi
    Michiko Hayashi
    Emoto Peace Project
  8. Katie Teague
    Katie Teague
    Storm Cloud Media
  9. Lachlan Etherton
    Lachlan Etherton
    Founder, getmoova - the smart wrist device
  10. Brett Aylen
    Brett Aylen
    Climate Responsive Design
  11. Jessica Perry
    Jessica Perry
    Innovating Education
  12. Rick Carter
    Rick Carter
    Carnegie Mellon University
  13. Mike Schwarzer
    Mike Schwarzer
  14. Jayne Mason
    Jayne Mason
    Being Creative Solutions
  15. Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith
    Dreamsmith Consulting
  16. Sue Gilbey
    Sue Gilbey
    Peaceful Innovation
  17. Ken Bellamy
    Ken Bellamy
    VRM BioLogik, Queensland AUS, Leader in the fields of microbial bioremediation and organic agriculture
  18. Andrew Olivier
    Andrew Olivier
    GEN Australia
  19. Ken Long
    Ken Long
  20. Mindy Leow
    Mindy Leow
    B Lab Australia & NZ
  21. Jeremy Miller
    Jeremy Miller
    Urban Planner & Sustainability Consultant
  22. Kate Carroll
    Kate Carroll
    Beyond Bank
  23. Gary Hancock
    Gary Hancock
    The University of Adelaide
  24. Nick Crowther
    Nick Crowther
    Freerange Future
The Global Collaboration Conference brings together
students, innovative community leaders and business leaders, to share wisdom and inspire opportunities
for engagement, activating business partnerships and community collaboration.

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Global Collaboration Conference. Wisdom in Innovation 18th-21st Sept 2017.

Be Inspired to Grow Your Business and Community Beyond 2030.

Plus 4 Days of Live Online Global Streaming with Q&A.

There are 4 themes for the 4 days;

18th Sep Day 1 - The Living Earth. Opening Ceremony. Earth Science & Technology for Creating New Eco-Smart Cities and Communities.

19th Sep Day 2 - Our Innovative World Youth

20th Sep Day 3 - B Corps & Sustainable Global Business, Ethical Investing & Finance.

21st Sep Day 4 - Designing & Building New Eco Smart Communities. International Peace Day - Closing Ceremony

By Day 4 we will have shared the innovation wisdom of water, microbal and energy technologies to partner with the incredible new Earth Science that continues to pour forth from all regions of our Planet. We will have created space and time for our innovative world youth to collaborate with our business and not for profit communities in a way that will propel our human endeavours into socially responsible and environmentally friendly business partnerships that will create financially viable eco-smart sustainable development projects that include climate responsive buildings and communities with zero waste solutions.

Closing Ceremony will be a Water Ceremony on the Bank of the Torrens River, Lead by Michiko Hayashi of the Emoto Peace Project from Japan. Please see below for more details.

Funds raised from the Live Streaming will be shared with the Following Global Community Projects.
  • The Living Earth Fund - Nominated by James McMath & Nina Brown
  • Emoto Peace Project. Nominated by Hiromasa Emoto and Michiko Hayashi
  • The Don Dunstan Foundation. Nominated by Jayne Mason
  • Agape In Action. Nominated by Dan Ryan & Jayne Mason.
  • Sisters In Sports. Chloe Taylor Brown & Jayne Mason.
  • De La Liff Nominated by Anna Scotte & Jayne Mason
  • Adelaide Sustainable Building Network. Nominated by Brett Aylen & Ken Long.
  • B Lab Australia & NZ. Nominated by Mindy Leow & Jayne Mason
  • Seacliff SA Community Project Nominated By Kinda Tabba Snyder & Jayne Mason

Presentations will include as much of the following as possible:

• Sustainability and/or Regenerative – Mission – Vision – Values – for Humanity and Earth.
• Innovation Wisdom.
• Benefits to Humanity – how does their work contribute to Humanity’s creative evolution?
• Collaborative Leadership Qualities.
• Information re: Completed Pilot Projects or advanced Projects that demonstrate benefits to humanity.
• Dynamic Presenter – preferably with minimum of 10mins of engaging interactive content.
• Special Announcements, breakthroughs or Launch of Innovative Product/Service that are of benefit to Humanity.

*Please book early to secure your seat.

  1. MON 18 SEP
    10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    10am Networking & Introductions A short film by Katie Teague James McMath Pristina Inc Ken Bellamy VRM Biologik Michiko Hayashi. Emoto Peace Project Video feed Prof Gerald Pollack The 4th Phase of Water
    Day 1: The Living Earth
  2. TUE 19 SEP
    10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Free Student Tickets on Eventbrite
    Julian O'Shea. Laika Academy Maddie Sarre. Australian Youth Climate Coalition Jayne Mason Innovative World Youth Think Tank Jessica Perry Gary Hancock, Adelaide University Lachlan Etherton. Founder getmoova smart wrist device Break out Session. Julian O'Shea Laika Academy
    Day 2: Our Innovative Youth
  3. WED 20 SEP
    10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    Entrepreneur Story Kate Carroll Beyond Bank Sam Scammell Mindy Leow B Lab Australia & NZ & Nick Crowther Free Range Future Mindy Leow B Lab & B Corporations Panel Mike Schwarzer Break Out Session. Mindy Leow B Lab Australia & NZ will run a Masterclass to provide tips on the B Impact Assessment
    Day 3: Sustainable Global Business, B Corps, Investing & Ethical Finance
  4. THU 21 SEP
    10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    Sue Gilbey Brett Aylen - Award Winning Architect Andrew Olivier GEN Australia Ambassador. Jeremy Miller Nathan Smith Lachlan Etherton Panel Discussion. James McMath,Brett Aylen, Jeremy Miller. Collaborating to Create Eco-Smart communities & Zero Waste Bio Parks Water ceremony for peace on the Torrens Workshop: Designing & Building Eco-Smart Communities & Cities
    Day 4: Designing and Building Collaborative Eco Smart Communities


Venue: University of South Australia. City East 108 North Terrace Adelaide. 
Buidlings: Day 1-3 H2:02, & Day 4 C3:16.
Showcasing a beautiful city centre surrounded by green parklands, and a community that embraces sustainable values,
Adelaide is on track to become one of the first carbon neutral cities in the world.

You will find no shortage of accommodation options.
The city of Adelaide is also renowned as a paradise for foodies .