Creating New Eco-Smart Communities
We collaborate globally with eco-smart innovators and innovative business clients to create eco-smart outcomes for the enjoyment of innovative cities, as well as hosting international conferences, wisdom in innovation seminars and weekend eco retreats.

Our inspired intention Is to "enjoy humanity's creative capacity for brilliance". As we see it "this creates a space that is inclusive and has the global social growth factor for exploring new frontiers in innovation that allows people to celebrate contributing to humanity's creative evolution.
We are embracing international Innovation Wisdom in Adelaide SA to set the scene for a new cycle of global collaboration and business adventures for creating employment opportunities that people can enjoy, as well as showcasing new technology available to the public via the conferences and seminars. You are Welcome to Join us at

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  1. Collaboration for Global Innovation
    Collaboration for Global Innovation
    Sharing wisdom and connecting innovative enterprises with the creative global economy for inspired growth and success with global integrity
  2. International Innovation Projects
    International Innovation Projects
    Nurturing, nourishing and empowering the global social growth factor within Cities and Communities of all sizes

Innovation Wisdom & Abundance Process

Eight questions to explore your abundance

As a Joyous Creative Collaborator:

  Q1. Can you own a company that works with ease and grace to honour your life purpose?

  Q2. Can you employ people to work in areas they love to work in?

  Q3. Can you honour the truth of who you work with and, what you are collaboratively creating together?

  Q4. Can you creatively contribute to a global economy that sustains enjoyable human exchanges?

  Q5. Can you help people to have a life with work balanced in action for an enjoyable purpose?

  Q6. Can you create products and/or services for the enjoyment of humanity's creative evolution?

  Q7. Can you nurture, nourish and empower your community to live and work with ease and grace?

  Q8. Can you create time to do the things you love to do - because you have a focused trust worthy team of creative collaborators who help  you      to maintain a thriving business portfolio?