Brett Aylen

Brett Aylen Architecture
Brett’s passion for architecture started in the late 1980’s and after graduating with an Architectural Studies degree from Adelaide Uni in 1991 He spent four years traveling and working abroad. Living and working in Berlin in 1994 and 1995.

Brett has worked for Energy Architecture, an Adelaide firm dedicated to sustainable architecture. His project experience there included many private residences, sales and information centers for the housing developments at Lochiel Park on the Torrens River and at Beyond Today in Port Elliot, multi million dollar extensions to the Glenelg Golf Club and a series of architecturally designed project homes.

Brett was a Co-Founder of the Adelaide sustainable building network, and Co Founder of TS4 Living which won the Zero Carbon challenge with the design of a three-bedroom home costing just over $350,000 with a 7.5-star rating and net zero operational energy.

The house features solar power, indirect evaporative cooling, bio-fuel heating and energy-efficient appliances. It is oriented according to passive solar principles so that it has plenty of light and sun in the winter and less sun in the summer months.
Zero Carbon House.

The zero carbon house challenge was run by Renewal SA in partnership with the integrated design commission SA. It was designed to challenge the development industry to aim for zero carbon emissions while offering a glimpse into the future of housing in South Australia.

The zero carbon home was built at Lochiel Park in 2013, was open to the public through to October 2013, and is now a private home.

Competitors were challenged to design a zero-carbon home, considering key elements such as embodied energy, future emissions, liveability, affordability and adaptability.


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