Key Note Speaker James McMath

​​JAMES MCMATH, MPA, is the Co-Founder and President of a new bioregenerative company called Pristina, Inc, which is a highly-specialized organics company founded on the principles of biomimicry and is fully dedicated to: optimizing health, building community, and healing the planet!

Honoring these core principles, Pristina seeks to be at the fore­front of a new way of doing business that works in close collaboration and alliance with the natural ecosystems through the introduction of biorenewable systems of “bioaugmentation”. This transition marks an impor­tant paradigm shift that is moving away from the old mechanistic, suppressive approaches and is progressing towards new organic, regenerative solutions that are advancing our sciences closer and closer to sustainable ways of living and doing business.

In order to achieve these ends, James submits that it is imper­ative to begin with the pri­mordial sustainers of life: water and microbes. In so doing, Pristina is intro­ducing what it defines as “quantum organics”: unique revi­tal­izing microbial sys­tems which dramati­cally detoxify and restore the viability of the soils, waters, and atmos­phere through regenerative means that nature has been using for billions of years!

Pristina will be launched in three pivotal stages: a) beginning with the bottling of crystalline water and organic functional beverages; b) then expansion into “certified quantum organic” agricultural production and distribution services; c) and finally with the introduction of microbial remediation services designed to naturally cleanse and restore the viability of the soils, air, and waters of the planet.

As a green-innovations company, the challenge for Pristina is to create products, processes, and policies that are well adapted to life through the conscious and collaborative understanding of nature’s bioregenerative intelligence. The core idea is that nature has already solved many of the problems that we are grappling with. Animals, plants, and microbes are the consummate engineers. After billions of years of research and development, what surround us are the secrets to long-term health and sustainability. Pristina seeks to be at the forefront of discovering the wisdom of nature’s secrets and to create new ways of doing business that are conducive to the health and wellness of ALL organisms on the planet.

James will be speaking on the theme of “Crystal Water and Beneficial Microbes: The Key to Planetary Transformation”. He will first discuss the long-awaited awakening of human consciousness, when our species will be undergoing a metamorphosis – transitioning from the allegorical all-consuming caterpillar to the life-engendering butterfly. James will submit that our purpose as cosmological beings is to be the protectors and caretakers of this beautiful, fragile planet, wherein each of the divergent organisms in our interconnected world play integral roles in the wellbeing of the whole. The earliest of these are the simplest of microscopic organisms, which have been evolving and diversifying for billions of years and have morphed into the highly complex organisms of plants and animals in our modern-day world. Our contemporary sciences and technologies are undergoing a profound metamorphosis – transitioning from exploiting and depleting precious natural resources to becoming the transformational agents for rapidly restoring the health and vitality of the ecosystems!

James will conclude by emphasizing that what is needed today, more than ever, are highly successful, innovative business models demonstrating how sustainable, regenerative solutions not only contribute to the health and revitalization of our environment, but are leading the way in the next economic wave of “biorenewable innovations”. We are at the tipping point of a planetary transformation, which is not inevitable, but will enjoin our collective will to progress forward in a peaceful and respectful manner. This new way of living inspires a renewed appreciation of what is being called “spiritual ecology”, which expands our definition of the true meaning of prosperity by living in moderation and mindfully honoring the SACREDNESS OF ALL LIFE!
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