Jessica Perry

Jessica Perry is Innovating Education.
Jessica Perry is an award winning young entrepreneur, speaker and Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador.

The awards that Jessica has won include:

•Young up-start entrepreneur under 30, Start-up Adelaide, December 2014
•Australian Vocational Student Prize, Department of Education, awarded by Sussan Ley, May 2014
•Emmaus Christian College Most Outstanding VET Student 2013
•Sue Clifford Memorial Business Service Award, sponsored by Konica Minolta and awarded by the CEO of Adelaide Training & Employment Centre (ATEC), November 2013

Recognised as a finalist in the National Youth Awards Employment category 2015, Jessica works with young people, entrepreneurs, providers and employers wanting to attract and retain Generation Z.

She is the lead facilitator at Career BluePrint which provides career development and planning services as well as professional development and training.

Known for her positive attitude, focus on driving success and motivational approach, Jessica regularly speaks on the following topics:

•Achieving results via School Based Apprenticeships
•A day in the life of a young entrepreneur
•Branding yourself and building credibility (as a job seeker or young professional)
•How to engage young people in Vocational Educational and Training (VET)
•How to get a headstart to your career
•How to get an after school job
•How to land your first job towards career success
•How to network and build connections on and offline
•How to open doors and plan for career opportunities
•Managing social media for a business 101

As a facilitator, MC and speaker her clients include:

•BO$$ camp

•Business Enterprise Centres and Councils
•Coworking spaces for example Hub Adelaide
•Employers and Employment Services
•Registered Training Organisations
•Schools and Youth Organisations
•Startup and Entrepreneurial Programs for example Bizifyd, BO$$ camp and the Young Entrepreneurs Spark Program
•State and Territory Governments

Jessica Perry