Mike Schwarzer

Innovating Leadership through the Inside-Out!
A conversation about creating & leading communities of learning and collective wisdom for a sustainable and peaceful world!
Leading ‘through’ the inside-out – the dimension of Innate Intelligence and Insight!
Imagine leading your life, people and communities through the dimension of insight. Where you create an environment where people can tap into their full potential as they step outside the trappings of intellectual reality. Where they are guided by innate abundance, resilience, creativity, self-reliance, joy and confidence. Where they move through life with greater flexibility and fluency, like the flow of water.
Project this into the collective spirit and intelligence of your community and your organizations’ culture. You have a potent capacity to transform them into innovative and sustainable entities that serve the wellbeing of the wider community and humanity in meaningful ways and the endless possibilities that come with that.
Mike is a Transformation Professional and Learning Leader who helps leaders and organisations to solve the problems that they have not been able to solve elsewhere.
Mike works with the underlying mental, behavioural and deeper innate dynamics that drive people’s and organisations’ thinking and actions.  They learn how to tap into their inner and outer capabilities in transformational ways and develop behaviours and qualities that are flexible and supportive of the challenges of an increasingly uncertain and complex world.

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